Often times when Ty and I are talking to each other we use code names for people and situations so others do no know what we are talking about. We may use those same code names in this blog so here is a listing of some of those codes. Feel free to suggest some terms for us to add.     Bobbie Jo.

ABC boy(s): for some reason Bobbie Jo has the habit of attracting guys whose name starts with a letter from the beginning of the alphabet. Usually the letters A to F. So when talking about these guys as a group the term ABC boy or boys is used.

bff: best friends forever (this is an oldie that we continue to use).

*bff*: butt fucking finger, term not used often. Symbols will be included.

Boss: Tywanda’s employer and sometimes love interest.

Brad/Team Brad: an old classmate of Bobbie Jo’s who found her through facebook and it became more.

Charmer: one of the ABC boys. Bobbie Jo and him met online and still converse.

Daniel: No code to this name, Bobbie Jo’s ex.

ER: Yes, this does stand for emergency room. This is also a self-proclaimed sex-addict who is chasing after Tywanda.

FB: facebook

Hood: Krystal’s best friend,w ho happens to be a man.

LazyBoy: like the recliner, this is Tywanda’s husband.

Punk Bitch or D: Bobbie Jo’s old flame from the time before the ex. Possible current flame.

Rebound: Bobbie Jo’s first so-called relationship after the breakup.

Taken 1: a friend of Bobbie Jo’s that has become more, but unfortunately he’s already seriously involved.

Taken 2: an old friend of Bobbie Jo’s from high school that has become more involved in her life, but he’s already seriously involved.


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