Join Us on the Road

Hi, all. My name is Bobbie Jo. A while back my best friend, Tywanda, and I decided that we were going to have control of our lives. Well, that’s not quite true. We both do have control of our lives, just not our relationships. No, we don’t mean controlling our significant others, although I happen to think that Tywanda is doing that pretty well. We mean being truly happy in our love lives, finding that perfect match for us and it actually being real.

Ty and I have only been bff for a couple of years now, but there is no one that I have ever trusted more. I am lucky to have found someone that I can truly be myself with. The funny thing is that the two of us have known each other for years but never took the time to get to know each other better. But one day our jobs forced us to spend some actual time with each other and our friendship was born over lunch, the best grilled chicken pasta, ever.

So we started our friendship with each of us thinking that the other person was happy. But we soon came to the realization that this was not true. We are both successful, professional business women. We are both great mothers (not bragging, this is just true). We are both very likable people. But we were both so unhappy in our relationships. The both of us also thought that we were stuck that way. Not necessarily true.

We are both very research minded so it was natural for us to start researching how to improve our relationships. But that wasn’t really what we were looking for. We wanted to know how to improve ourselves. We are both deserving of the perfect lifemate, but we were settling for a lot less. We needed to be more confident in who we were. We learned that women who are confident are sometimes perceived as bitches. And we embraced that. That is what we wanted for ourselves, to become true bitches.

We wanted to be women who knew what they wanted and refused to accept anything less. We are not quite there yet. To tell you the truth, we may have gotten a bit lost. We have spent so much time speaking with each other about our journey and what we may or may not be doing wrong. Sometimes we have these absolute moments of clarity that we want to share with others. We have moments of stupidity too. We figured that other women could learn from our stories, our victories, and our mistakes (believe me, we make lots of them). So that is how this blog was born. We are inviting others to join us on our journey to Bitch, on the road to true bitchdom.

Disclaimer: Feel free to comment and give advice/direction. We can’t and won’t promise that we will follow them. We are not perfect women and we know that everything we do may not be right. You can make your opinions of us (we know that we can’t prevent that) but don’t bother judging us. We judge ourselves enough. When your heart is involve you sometimes do stupid things.

So with all that said, let the road trip begin!!!


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